02/04/2017 Show Review

So there I was, double shot latte in hand, listening to Brian Erickson and Nikki Karwacki of Finding Feebas debating which Neutral Milk Hotel album w
as the best and what their on-stage nicknames should be as we searched the streets of Astoria for a parking spot that wasn’t too far from the Shillelagh Tavern. It had been an interesting 45 minutes on the ride up, and I could tell the rest of the night wouldn’t disappoint either. Luckily, were able to find a totally legal spot just a few blocks away from the aforementioned venue. After a brief battle with the cold and a particularly heavy amp, the newly dubbed “Mel Banana,” “California Dave” and I made our way inside. The venue was nice, with ample standing room and a few spaced out tables (for those of you who prefer to chill with a drink while enjoying your music). There were only a few issues with sight obstruction in the form of support beams, but can you really be mad? Not having the roof fall on your head is also pretty cool. Plus it’s an easy complication to deal with, in my semi-professional opinion.

img_2364New Politicians
were already rocking out on stage as wemade our way past the bar and into the back room. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys play a few shows before and I really like their sound, so I was excited to see them on the lineup. This was my first time seeing them since the release of their third EP, Remission, and I was excited to hear the new songs in a live setting. They definitely delivered. They’ve got this deep, contemplative post-punk vibe I can totally get behind. Combine that with some seriously catchy melodies, and provocative lyrics, and you’ve got yourself a new iPod obsession. (Seriously, “Been in the Wars” has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now.)

img_2368The Production took to the stage next, rocking coordinated outfits and warpaint that had me tempted to run to the bathroom and copy the look with my lipstick (I chickened out. Sorry to disappoint). I’ve never seen them before, but I had heard good things, and something told me this was one band who definitely knew how to work the room. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t wrong. Now, if there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s a band who enjoys what they do, and The Production certainly fits that bill. The look, the sound, the way they’re not afraid to jump around onstage and fully embrace their collective on-stage persona, it all ties together in a way you can’t help but appreciate.

img_2383Not to brag, but I’ve been to all of Finding Feebas’s shows, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon (points if you cat
ch the joke, because that means you’re in the loop). But for real, I’m currently the titleholder of #1 fan (fight me, dude who got his underwear signed by Brittney). They’re pretty new, so you might not be too familiar with their sound, but if you haven’t been living under a rock then you probably do know of their lead singer; mother of the Fire Family and queen of the New Brusnwick music scene, Brittney Dixon (also known as Brittney on Fire). Knowing that, you can only expect them to be awesome. They’ve got that early 2000’s Paramore vibe that makes me feel like less of an existential mess, which I really appreciate, and they’re super fun to see live.

img_2376Closing out the show out with Tango Machina was the cherry on top of a perfect night. A wonderfully loud, aggressive, hard rock, melt-your-face-off kind of cherry. But seriously, these guys are a lot of fun. They’ve got this great, high-energy stage presence, plus their sound is super tight. Definitely a band all you mosh fiends out there need to check out (if I wasn’t such a marshmallow I’d be right there on the floor with you). Their vocals are intense, and their guitar riffs are sick, especially in the fifth song of the evening, “Evil Twin.” I don’t know, something about that song just gets me hyped! Definitely check them out!

If you want to relive the magical evening, or experience it for yourself the first time behind your eyelids, I managed to snag the set lists for you guys. Unfortunately, most of Finding Feebas’s songs aren’t online yet, but once they are, you know I’ll find them for ya’.
That about wraps it up. Until next time majestic humans!


New Politicians
Been in the Wars
One I Love (R.E.M. Cover)
Lights (Editors Cover)
Sail Away

The Production
Just another Friday night
How do we rock
Money power glory (cover)
Gone Elvis
Good ol’ fashion Bloodletting
Old Habits
Its finally over
Shake it baby

Finding Feebas
Let Down of the Year
Blood in the Water
Reality VS. The Dream World
Flagpole Sitta
Grape Nuts
I’m Not Sorry

Tango Machina
Everyone Gets Laid
Into The Ether
…The Combination Is Explosive
Evil Twin
Lady Espana (And The One She Called Her Last Tango)
Warning Sign

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