TIA Takeover @Maxwell’s Tavern

It’s a little weird writing about a show I put together myself, let alone my own birthday show, but the night was too wild to be left undocumented. So much had gone into getting this show off the ground, it was surreal and amazing to see it take shape, I can’t help but be a little proud. The turnout was great, and the bands absolutely killed it!

Kickingfullsizerender-1 off the evening, we had Brian Erickson and Scott Miller of The Paper Jets performing an acoustic set. Due to conflicting schedules their drummer and lead guitarist were unable to make it, but don’t think for a second that this would slow them down. If anything, it inspired them to really put 110% into their performance, and it showed! The vocals were solid (as indicated by my friend’s shock when Brian stepped away from the microphone and everyone in the back of the room could still hear him,) and the banter between songs added a feel of (familiarity, closeness, intimacy) to the performance. And with a toast and a “happy birthday,” the first set ended… and everyone learned that the show was for my birthday…

I was excited to see what Little Rose was going to do for their set, as their lead singer, Evangalia was also unable to perform that night. Admittedly, I was a little nervous at first, but I’ve known Shimmy (the band’s (singer? rhythm guitarist) for a while, and I knew he would be able to figure something out. Spoiler alert: I was right. Was adding a banjo to the mix and rebranding Little Rose as a rock/blues band for the second half of their set what I expected to happen? No, not exactly. Was it totally awesome? Hell yeah it was! The genre swap fit surprisingly well with original Little Rose lyrics, and the addition of drums gave the songs a funkier feel that I was (and still am) totally vibing.

@Gail Linda Lewis

I hadn’t seen Rebecca Emont play in a pretty long time, so I knew I definitely needed to make that happen for this show. Originally she was going to open the night with an acoustic set, but all the members of her band were available for the night, so we switched things around a bit. It was such a treat getting to see the whole band perform full-force. I had only ever seen her perform full-band once before a long time ago, and that was with different band members, so this was a whole new experience for me. They said they’d bring the hype, and boy did they deliver. Rebecca and her band have a more punk rock style to their sound that never fails to get people on their feet (or at least nodding their heads to the songs.) She’s also probably one of the funniest people I know, so the banter between songs was also pretty entertaining. I’ve also had the song “Attention” stuck in my head ever since, so yeah.

Heather Maerten

Next up we had Overcoming Gravity, a totally awesome pop rock band who came all the way from Philadelphia to play my show (which I appreciate so, so much!) I had never met these guys prior to the show, but I really enjoy their music. I was hopeful they’d be down to work with me, and I was pleasantly surprised when they said yes! They’ve got a great stage presence, some seriously catchy tunes, and the confidence to walk the walk and talk the talk. I highly recommend checking them out on Spotify if you haven’t already. I had a lot of fun rocking out to them (after eating some unexpected pastries, courtesy of Maxwell’s, and convincing some of my more reserved friends to come to the front of the room with me), and will definitely be working with them again in the future.

img_2513Headlining it all we had The Dead Flowers and let me tell you, they absolutely blew me away. I’ve had the pleasure of working with these guys before, and I honestly think this was the tightest I’ve ever seen them. Their sound was on-point, the performance was high-e
nergy, and the crowd loved them— if all the dancing that went on was indicative of anything. (You know when you dance so hard that you hurt the next day, but it’s a good hurt? Yeah, that was me and my friends the day after.) I was completely thrown off when they stopped in the middle of a song to sing happy birthday to me. Embarrassing? Yes, but also very sweet. I kinda’ wish I got it on video.

After The Dead Flowers  took their encore the crowd dispersed to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” which seemed all too fitting, and after drinking with the bands a bit longer we made our way back home. A perfect ending to a perfect night I know I’ll never forget. I hope to see you all for round 2. 😉

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