Experiment 34, Charismanic 2.0, 2017

Fear not my fellow music fanatics, Monday morning commutes just got a whole lot better. New Jersey band Experiment 34 dropped their second EP, Charismanic about a month ago and— spoiler alert— it’s awesome!

Opening with the first new addition to their original EP, Charismanic, “Mud” really sets the mood and gets you pumped for what’s to come. While this song is super easy to get into, it certainly doesn’t lack the power we’ve come to know and love about Experiment 34. Kevin Nenichka’s wicked guitar skills draw you in while Matt Makin’s vocals paint a vivid picture for your mental viewing pleasure.

Next up we’ve got the rhythmatic “Willie Mays” taking the spot of the second newest addition to the album. From that simple yet catchy guitar lead in, to the ambient electronic siren, to the solid beat from drummer Jack La Monica, this is one track you definitely don’t want to miss. Combine all that with those sweet rhymes and we’ve got your next jam right here.

Carrying over from their first EP, Charismanic, “3 Days in the Chamber” immediately draws you in with its dark imagery and well-coordinated dissonance, creating an unsettling vibe that complements the song’s overall theme so well.

“Check Up” kicks up the intensity yet another notch, featuring one seriously catchy guitar riff that carries throughout the song, accenting the verses and creating that trippy, psychedelic vibe I love about this track.

A personal favorite of mine, “114 Evergreen Place” returns to Charismanic 2.0 as the second to last track, and I am so glad it did. Not only is this song basically the perfect complement to the first track on the album, “Mud” (Coincidence? I think not!), it also shows E34’s versatility as a band, taking on a more classical rock feel. From the lyrics, to the rhythm, to everybody’s favorite instrument — the cowbell — this song is just a treat, and sure to make you want to get up and dance.

Finishing off the album, “Joey Crumb” is not for the feint of heart. Arguably the most hardcore track on the album, this is the song you listen to when you’re ready to kick-ass and take names. The lyrics practically scream “grudge match” (and on the topic of screaming, can we take a second to appreciate Matt’s vocal chords for being able to do that show after show? Props, man.)

Do we recommend you check these guys out? Yeah we do, which is why we’ve included the link to their Bandcamp right here. You’re welcome.


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