Catch Me If You Can @ Mexicali Live

Wednesday’s aren’t always the easiest time to jet off and find yourself a show to decompress at, especially if you live in North Jersey like me (where the venues are few and far between). However, sometimes mid-week shenanigans are just too hard to pass up, and that’s exactly where our story begins. You see, applying to jobs and the general obligations of adulthood have had me feeling down lately, so when my friend Brian told me Catch Me If You Can was performing at Mexicali Live I decided to say “fuck it” and take a night to myself, or at least part of a night (since I had an interview the following morning).

image2For me, it was a night of firsts; my first time at Mexicali Live, my first time seeing somebody take off one shoe— yes, just one— in the middle of a performance, and again, my first time going to a show on a Wednesday (I regret nothing). Catch Me If You can is a solo acoustic act featuring the ultra-talented Ryan Hanratty and his trusty acoustic guitar (and his trusty shoelace which he uses to tie the strap to the headstock. See, it all goes full circle.)

The performance itself was a lot of fun, exactly what I needed to destress in the midst of a chaotic week. Catch Me If You Can’s sound combines elements of indie folk and punk rock to create a truly catchy sound— and yes, that was a pun. Jokes aside, one thing I really admire about Hanratty’s sound is the poeticism of his lyrics and the way he can make either the alliteration or dissonance of words work in his favor. You can check out what I’m talking about here. I recommend “Lockpicks & Keys” from his album Okay… His performance also featured quite a variety of cover songs such as “Ballad of Mona Lisa” by Panic!At the Disco and “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem. (I’ll admit, I didn’t see that one coming, but he totally killed it!)

I forget which song he took off his shoe for, but that happened too, which I appreciated greatly. Because, in the words of Ryan Hanratty, “fuck it. Punk rock, am I right?”


Photo Credit @Brian Erick

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