If you’ve been around the basement scene as long as I have, you’ve probably heard of a band called Feeny. Debuting at The Court Tavern back in August of 2013, this high-energy pop-punk trio have really made a name for themselves over the years, with over 100 shows under their belt, not to mention a few international tours (Montreal Pouza Fest, anyone?). As if that wasn’t cool enough, they’ve also played alongside bands like The Front Bottoms and The Menzingers. They also have some of the most creative band merch ever. (I mean how can you not love something called a Feeny beanie?)

The band’s lead singer and guitarist, Matt Koerner is a frontman who definitely knows how to put on a show (seriously, you need to see these guys live. Trust me). His musical influences include bands such as Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth and Against Me. One of the band’s founding members, Matt met Joe in sixth grade, and by eighth grade they were already talking music (feels like the universe to me). Matt also writes the lyrics for the songs, taking a cues from both pop-culture and classical literature to create some of the most interesting themes and references this side of the music scene (as if you couldn’t tell from their name). Are you a fan of Shakespeare? Then definitely Feeny a listen!

Born and raised on classic rock, Joe MacPhee knew music was the right path for him from a very young age. He originally took up the piano in fourth grade, but soon realized it just wasn’t for him, and decided to learn how to play the guitar instead. Somehow that also didn’t feel right, and it wasn’t long before he found his true calling in the bass. Joe’s favorite band of all time is Muse, and his musical stylings are definitely influenced by his idol, bassist, Travis Barker. He also listens to AC/DC, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Cheap Trick.

When Jordan Miller was in eighth grade he went to see his old friends from elementary school perform at Hamilton Street Cafe (RIP), and was immediately drawn to the drums, (Not saying Travis Parker influenced his decision, buuuut…) and the rest is history. He recorded with local bands in Hillsborough, many of which were friends with Matt and Joe, and actually had previously worked with one of Joe’s past bands (seriously, tell me this band wasn’t fated to be). Jordan recorded with Feeny, but didn’t officially join the band until later on after his previous band, Then Falls Caesar, broke up.

Leap day 2016 Feeny released their new record, No Beauty in Routine (shout out to Jesse Canon). Check them out here: https://feeny.bandcamp.com

by Lindsey Stangl
Photo Credit @ David Hartz