The Dead Flowers

by Lindsey Stangl

With their roots in the legendary New Brunswick basement scene, The Dead Flowers have been rocking local venues since their start back in January of 2015. Their sound incorporates the perfect blend of rock n’ roll and blues influences, resulting in songs that leave you wanting more.

Haling from Maple Shade, NJ, Mike Parry’s provocative vocals and engaging stage presence captivate audiences throughout the Tri-State Area. Originally joining The Dead Flowers as the lead singer, but as the band began to refine their sound, he eventually took up rhythm guitar as well. He initially began learning how to play the drums at the age of four, but discovered his talents as a guitarist and vocalist later on in life. Mike also writes the original songs performed by the band, starting off with a melody, then later adapting the lyrics he writes to fit the song. With a broad taste in music, he takes his inspiration from bands he grew up listening to such as KISS and AC/DC, but also enjoys The Shins, Beck, Alt-J, John Mayer, and many more. He has fun doing what he does, and plans on making music of his own for as long as he can (which we here at TIA hope is a very, very long time).

When I think of the word “shreds,” I immediately think of the band’s lead guitarist, Zach Tyler, because that’s exactly what he does. Inspired by the musical stylings of KISS, Guns N’ Roses, and The Rolling Stones, Zach definitely brings all his energy to every performance. Growing up in Marlton NJ, he initially wanted to play the drums, but with talent like that, it’s apparent that the guitarist life was practically made for him. One of the founding members, Zach would often spend time jamming with the band’s members before introducing them, which would eventually lead to the creation of The Dead Flowers. When asked, Zach told us his goal is to touch people with his music, and enjoys connecting with the audience, watching them dance and have a good time. He hopes his band will one day join his influences in rock n’ roll superstar status.

Matt Szkaradnik (AKA “Scrads”), a Voorhees native, found his passion for music when his father brought him to a Penn State Football game when he was in second grade. Following in the footsteps of Clarence “The big man” Clemons, Scrads took up the saxophone, but it wasn’t too long before he found that rock n’ roll was his true musical calling. He’s been playing bass since he first picked it up in middle school. It’s a shock that The Dead Flowers is the first band he’s ever been a part of, given how comfortable he is on stage. When asked what his hopes for the future of the band were, he told us (and I quote) “to be super famous rockstars.” With talent like theirs, it certainly seems possible.

Growing up in a musical family, Johnny “Drums” Di Nunzio began his life as a musician in Cherry Hill, NJ, playing the piano at seven years old. However, he was always fascinated by his childhood friend’s drum kit, which he would play whenever he could. When his dad (who also had an interest in the drums as a child) noticed his passion for the instrument, he gave Johnny his own drum kit for his thirteenth birthday, and the rest is history. The Dead Flowers is the third band Johnny has been a part of. He’s excited to see what the future holds for him and the band, and we’re right there with him!